The Value of a Teaching Professional

I read recently that less than 12% off all golfers have EVER taken a lesson from a golf professional.  I was floored.  Off all the things you can do to improve, lessons from a good professional are the most immediate and reliable – or I should say “they can be.”  I was fortunate growing up to have a father who was a good player and a golf professional who took a great interest in kids.  So I was given a great foundation.  And throughout my adult life, I do not hesitate to go to a pro when I am having trouble.  As much as I know about the game, my swing and playing golf, another set of eyes is invaluable.  And I like this game too much to struggle with a problem for very long.

But a golf pro is not a “one shot wonder”.  They can’t work miracles overnight.  “A lesson” is not what most golfers need or want.  What you want is to develop a relationship with a teaching professional so that he or she can be your full time coach.  Whether your goal is to completely re-vamp your game to change your level of play, or just to have someone there who can keep you on the straight and narrow, a good golf professional is your answer.

And it isn’t one lesson!!!  A series of sessions with a teaching professional is required to make change that works and lasts.  And regular visits are one of the best investments in your game that you can make.

That all said, just like golf clubs, there are good teachers and better ones.  For any good relationship, you have to clearly communicate your goals and needs, and find someone who can understand and work with you.  Your first meeting should be one that is inside over a glass of tea or coffee.  Ask him or her if they are interested in working with golfers of your skill level.  Share your golf history.  See what questions they ask you.  Tell them what you want to achieve.  Get to know each other and determine if there is “chemistry.”

Just an idea.  Ask me anything about this subject.

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