Does the PGA Tour have anything to do with your golf?

Through my years creating EIDOLON Golf, then SCOR Golf, then the ‘new’ Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, the most common question we heard was, “Do you have anyone on Tour playing your clubs?”  

My “commercial answer” explained that we were small, new companies, and were not ready to make the investment of a tour rep and endorsement contracts.

But my heartfelt answer — as a 25-year golf club designer — would have been along the lines of “what difference does that make to you and your game?”  Let me explain.

The continued evolution of the tour player and the game he plays continues to widen the gap between their game and yours.  These young guns are big strong athletes.  They work out daily to build very strong bodies, and most of them could pass for NFL defensive backs or major league baseball players.  They pound the ball with tremendous power, so we hear every week about 320-yard drives and 200-yard seven-irons.  They also work on their short games several hours every day.

In contrast, most of the core and avid male golfers are over 50 years of age.  They work for a living and have a family that wants their time, too.  They don’t spend endless hours at the gym, and probably spend less time on their short games in a lifetime than a Tour player spends in a week.

In short, what works for the Tour player is further from what will work for you than it has ever been.

My career has been focused on how to design and build golf clubs that will help the recreational golfer — whether you play to a 2 handicap or a 22 — because you lay down hard-earned money and want real value.  I’m not that concerned about what works for the elite tour player.  That said, my designs have made it into the bags of tour players on their own on numerous instances.  A solid wedge design that helps the recreational golfer can help the tour player as well, but not necessarily vice versa.

So, the next designs you see from me will continue my effort to help you achieve better distance consistency, be forgiving of your mis-hits, and help you navigate around your golf courses in as few strokes . . . and with as much fun . . . as possible.

And my effort here with blog is to share my thoughts and insights to help you enjoy the game more, by hitting better golf shots more often and shooting lower scores.

In the “Blasts from the Past” section of this site, I’ll continue to re-publish the best of the nearly one thousand articles I’ve written.  I hope you enjoy them.

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