A Blessed Life in Golf

I don’t remember life before golf, and that journey started a long time ago (the 1950s – wow!) on a little 9-hole golf course in South Texas.  Tutored and mentored by my father and PGA Professional Carl Gustafson, I developed a thorough love of the game, and a respect for all that it gives us on a personal level.

Little did I know then that I was destined for a career in the industry built around that game I loved so much.

My career work as a marketing professional and club designer has touched many brands — Ray Cook, Otey Crisman, Joe Powell, Neumann Leather and in 1992, the company of my childhood hero, Ben Hogan. In 1995, I started Reid Lockhart Golf, then EIDOLON Golf which led to SCOR Golf.  In 2014, I put together the plan, the team and the products that brought Ben Hogan back to the golf industry. Unfortunately, a disagreement in principle with the lead investors caused me to leave in late 2016, and the new leadership took the company to bankruptcy.  I felt a pain with which I was not familiar.

But through it all, my love of the game has only grown, and my devotion to helping golfers score better has always led me to focus on the scoring end of the equation — primarily wedge design and wedge play.

After several years of rest, “The Wedge Guy” is back, pontificating about things I think can help you improve your scoring range performance.  I’m also eager to answer any questions you might have.

And every once in a while, I’ll resurrect my ‘respectfully irreverent’ side.  When the “Texas WedgeHog” starts “Rootin’ Out The Truth”, you’ll find me sounding off on topics that might be somewhat on the edge.  Let’s have fun with that, OK?

I hope you enjoy my writings, and I encourage you to chime in with your own comments.

If you have a topic you would like me to address, please send an email to Terry@TheWedgeGuy.com.